Why the movie menu isn’t showing

Users of Popcorn Time from popcorntime.io have recently been met by a blank screen with the message “Error loading data, try again later…” when trying to access the movie menu. Popcorn Time automatically collects data for its menus from third party databases containing descriptions, cover pictures etc. One of these databases, trakt.tv, has recently been moved to a new server resulting in a broken connection when Popcorn Time attempts to retrieve data in turn resulting in the aforementioned error message.

Until the broken connection is fixed which will happen in the upcoming update there are a few ways to alleviate the issue:

  1. Movies can still be found and played if you search directly for them. This of course only helps you if you know what movie you want to see but if you do it’s a neat little workaround.
  2. Some of the other Popcorn Time versions (like time4popcorn) retrieve data from other sources, these versions still work so unless you’re very attached to the fork from popcorntime.io you should try out one of the other options.

Other than that there’s nothing left to do than just wait patiently for the update to be released.

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