Update for Flixtor

Flixtor has just released a small update that’s aimed at fixing issues with both the torrent- and series-sections of the user interface. The update doesn’t bring any new functions to Flixtor bug only fixes these bugs.

Flixtor is in interesting alternative to Popcorn Time that works in the same way but has been developed independently of the Popcorn Time projects and has a couple of different functions. The first and most interesting is the search functions that lets users search among torrents on kickass.to – one of the biggest torrent sites. This makes Flixtor unique among the Popcorn Time “family” of projects since it’s the only of the programs with this function that allows playback of less popular content and maybe most interestingly non-English content.

A second cool feature is the option to play content using the third-party player VLC that’s known for being resource effective (= smooth playback on “weaker” systems) and playing everything thrown at it. VLC is scheduled to add Chromecast support in version 3.0 finally making it possible to get Flixtor on to a big screen without cables.

Flixtor comes as desktop versions for Windows, OSX (Mac) and Linux as well as an Android app.

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