Time4popcorn beta 5.4

Time4popcorn has just released a new version of their desktop application that’s now in beta 5.4. Here’s what’s in the new and improved yet unofficial Popcorn Time version:

  • VPN providers integration API
    • Time4popcorn changed VPN provider and the desktop version is also integrated with Anonymous VPN now.
  • Stability issues fixes
    • According to the developers MANY stability issues have been fixed which is of course good. However, it’s amazing they can keep doing this EVERY TIME they put out a new version, you’d think it would be pretty stable by now, right?
  • VLC player fixes
    • Not disclosed in further detail what these fixes are but we must assume it translates to better/smoother/more stable playback using VLC.
  • Subtitle fixes
    • Also no further explanation but again one can assume it simply means better and/or more subtitles.
  • Improved torrents download mechanism
    • Should yield faster and/or more stable downloads.
  • Security enhancements
    • Again, there’s no description of the actual improvements but better security is always nice. Maybe it has something to do with this.

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