Stremio: The Popcorn Time alternative you’ve never heard of

In case you’re getting tired of Popcorn Time forks getting closed down on you, you might want to give Stremio a closer look.  Where the Popcorn Time service is tailored to serve movies from YTS and TV-shows from EZTV, Stremio is developed as a video streaming platform capable of delivering content from a variety of sources that includes but isn’t limited to torrents.

Stremio has almost all of the same features as Popcorn Time, only the VPN is missing, but you still get subtitles and support for Chromecast, Apple TV and DLNA. You can even stream directly to your Smart TV without using any additional gadgets simply by using the browser.

stremio popcorn time alternative

The Stremio user interface looks a lot like Popcorn Time.

You also get additional goodies such as more than 300 live TV streams from and a built in calendar for managing your favorite TV shows.

Stremio isn’t going to get closed down like we’ve seen it with so many of the Popcorn Time forks, because the application itself doesn’t give access to copyright protected material. Such features are facilitated by third-party plugins efficiently shielding the developers from lawsuits, takedowns etc.

It’s a really good looking app and definitely worth a go if you’re looking for a worthy alternative to Popcorn Time.


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