Serious security concerns with Torrents Time V1.0

It’s come to light that there are some serious security concerns regarding Torrents Time V1.0, the torrent streaming plugin powering the Popcorn Time Online website. The software is apparently written in a way that can expose the identity of its users and it’s capable of controlling the host computer beyond just streaming a torrent.

If it’s intentional or just bad coding remains unanswered but the fact remains that you should steer clear of it. If you want further details about the situation you can take a look at Andrew Sampson’s blog where he reverse engineers and dissects the plugin.

If you’ve already installed it you’re probably best off removing it right away. The process is a bit complicated on Mac OS X but this guide on Reddit will help you through it. You can check if the removal went as planned by visiting where you can check if you’re exposed to the vulnerabilities or not.

Torrent Time V2.0

If you still want to stream torrents directly from a browser you should look at Torrents Time V2.0 instead as it doesn’t have any of those problems and furthermore is developed as an open source project. Despite sharing the Torrents Time name and both facilitating torrents streaming directly in a browser, V1.0 and V2.0 are two separate projects developed by two different teams.

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serious security concerns with Torrents Time V1.0.

It’s been exposed that there are some serious security concerns with Torrents Time V1.0.

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