PTCE online, and KAT

Popcorn Time CE has gone online with a browser version, the other Popcorn Time CE fork is back up at a new domain and KAT has implemented torrents time.

Popcorn Time CE online

A few days ago we were happy to introduce Popcorn Time Online: A version that runs in your browser built on the powerful Torrents Time plugin. Those guys just got some serious competition, because one of the Popcorn Time CE teams,, have just announced their very own browser based Popcorn Time version that you can try out at

popcorn time ce online

Popcorn Time CE ( has gone online with a browser version.

As of now, it only plays movies and lacks support for subtitles, Chromecast, Apple TV etc. but the team promises that all of this will be added soon. Here’s what they write about their new toy on reddit:

  • unlike a traditional torrent, the browser version does not log or share your IP address with other users.
  • download at the fastest possible speed even during periods of high demand.
  • project is open source (repo soon available at
  • source code written in plain javascript
  • no server required (clientside)
  • can work without API (decentralized)
  • content can be fetched from
  • no plugins required
  • no ads and absolutely free
  • Xbox/Playstation Compatible (html5 player)
  • subtitles and chromcast support coming this week
  • webtorrent support planned (
  • filter, search will be fixed tomorrow, but basic streaming works like a charm

Since was shut down (Which btw appears to be very permanent) two distinct developer teams have been operating under the same name; Popcorn Time Community Edition (CE). One of these have been operating out of several domains already, most likely because they keep getting shut down, including and

popcorn time community edition ce

One of the Popcorn Time CE forks is back up at

Both of those have been closed down but the group has found a new home at the Swiss domain

We’ve previously aired concerns regarding the safety of their software so we downloaded their installers for Windows and Mac OS X and ran a scan at The Windows installer still comes up with a weak positive for malware while the OS X installer looks clean.

A weak positive means that the result isn’t conclusive and just 1 of the 54 scanners employed at seems to think the file is infected. If it really did contain malware we’d probably see more positives from the scanners so it’s probably just a false alarm. It’s either that or that the other scanners haven’t been updated yet.

Kat implements Torrents Time!

The World’s largest torrent indexing site, Kickass Torrents, has just implemented use of the Torrents Time plugin, so you can now head over to and stream videos directly in your browser! torrents time online streaming popcorn time.

Kickass Torrents has implemented direct streaming with Torrents Time.


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