Popcorntime.io just got official

Since the original Popcorn Time from getpopcornti.me was taken down almost as fast as it was put up several developer groups have picked up the mantle and continued the idea. Originally being developed as open source allowed basically anyone to make copies and when they shut down some thought the idea was too good to be put to rest. Two of those are popcorntime.io and time4popcorn who for over a year have been in constant rivalry to put out the better programs and apps. None of them had been able to call themselves “official” but that has now changed.

If you visit getpopcornti.me you’ll be redirected to popcorntime.io which means that the original developers have finally chosen side in the battle for Popcorn Time. The blog on popcorntime.io reads:

We recently went from the “unofficial official” to just simply the “official” Popcorn Time. We’ve had the original team’s domain (http://getpopcornti.me) redirected to us (https://popcorntime.io). This doesn’t mean that the old developers have come back; They definitely have not… But it does mean that we have the backing and support from some of the original members.

So popcorntime.io is still a project on its own but the endorsement from getpopcornti.me is without a doubt a huge pad on the back as well as a thorn in the side of the rivals from time4popcorn. However, it doesn’t seem like time4popcorn considers themselves beat and we can probably expect an even fiercer war in the future.

Time4popcorn was for a long time pretty far in front of popcorntime.io but they have since caught up. However, time4popcorn remains the only of the two with an app for iOS.

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