Popcorn Time Q&A

Ask Popcorn Time questionsWe get a lot of questions about Popcorn Time: Is is legal, should I use a VPN, I can’t get Chromecast working, where can I download an Android apk etc. and although we try to answer all of them we sometimes can’t. We already have an FAQ with some commonly asked questions but sometimes they don’t suffice, and for that reason we’ve created a Q&A section where you can get help from other users and help them out too by asking and answering questions related to Popcorn Time.

Feel free to ask about anything; if it’s troubling you, you can be sure someone else is having the same problem or want answers to the same questions. Maybe somebody beat you to it and the same or a similar question has already been asked and answered.

The other way round; don’t be shy if you see a question you have the answer to or just want to make a comment on. It could be exactly what someone else is looking for.

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