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Popcorn Time Online is the latest development in the Popcorn Time saga and as the name suggests it runs directly in your browser.  Over the course of time we’ve seen several browser based Popcorn Time clones pop up only to disappear again shortly after so is this also going to be the fate of Popcorn Time Online?

Nothing can be said for sure, especially not regarding Popcorn Time, but it’s likely Popcorn Time Online is here to stay. The other browser based clones worked downloading the movie or episode from the BitTorrent network but served it to the viewer as a regular video stream. Since the user didn’t share anything back to the swarm it was really only semi-P2P and required an enormous bandwidth from the download servers. Bandwidth costs money and Popcorn Time is free so with demands far exceeding supply these services shut down again as soon as they became popular.

Popcorn Time Online Torrents Time plugin

Install the Torrents Time browser extension/plugin to use Popcorn Time Online

Popcorn Time Online uses a BitTorrent client called Torrents Time that enables torrenting (both download and upload) directly in a browser. This means that every Popcorn Time Online user takes full part in the P2P network removing the need for servers entirely which is really the main benefit of the BitTorrent protocol. This also means there’s nothing for the MPAA or similar to take down which is the reason why we think Popcorn Time Online is here to stay!

While Popcorn Time Online is new to the scene it’s been developed by the people behind the time4popcorn fork. This means you get the same look and functions as in their desktop software including Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA support, and a native VPN client that can be activated with a subscription to Anonymous VPN.

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