Popcorn Time is down (Updated)

UPDATE: Shortly after this post it was announced from the Popcorn Time people that everything would be back to normal soon and it looks like they’re keeping their promise.


Without warning the official Popcorn Time service and everything related to it has been shut down including website, Facebook page, Twitter profile and GitHub. There’s been no official statement as to what’s going on but only three days ago the team published their latest and so far last blog post:

Hi there,

In date of the 18 October 2015, I would like to officially announce 3 members are leaving the project.
You can read the official phnz statement here. Also, please note ksaredfx and sammuel86 are no longer part of the Popcorn Time team as well. A new re-structuration is now in place and the transition will be smooth and transparent for everyone. The project will keep growing, and all these changes are for the best you can be sure. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the OFFICIAL team at [email protected]


Apparently, the dispute was ignited by the collaboration with VPN provider VPN.ht and ended in the team splitting up. It’s fair to assume that the downtime we’re currently experiencing is directly related to this matter.

An unofficial statement from a person close to the team posted on reddit enforces the assumption but also provides hope that things will be back to normal soon:

Hello guys! 😉
“Thanks to the mod “/u/Ic3berg” for letting us know this isn’t the end. I can only confirm this, with observations of yesterday.”
Second, i myself am not affliciated with Popcorn Time’s official team. But i though i would update you on what i know. You guys are awesome as a community, and deserve to be in the loop.
After losing about 5 regular dev members, i see this as a logical step, and welcome news. I can speculate away as to what will change, like for instance a change in the organisatinal structure, to make it more balanced. However, we should stick to “facts”. A member on the forums publicly stated something “new” was coming out soon, that they had been planning for a while now.
As for the downtime
If nothing else interveanes, they will be up in the near future, depending on how long transistions take. There was no sign at all this would happen today, and it’s something the current team decided was best. I am no place to say, it isn’t justified. I am pretty sure it is, they have enough experience to plan out something like this. Glad to see that the Project is on the move, and not just staying still.
Who stated this?
The member is question was “Streger” (Regular Popcorn Time team member), he stated on the forum that “Some changes where coming, and he seemed happy about them” “Something they where planning for quite some time, according to him”.
So we don’t have to worry. I just don’t think he knew, or he didn’t want to reveal to much about the fact that it would happen today already, since he stated it yesterday 😉
Let’s see what Popcholin is coming up with !

So it seems that everything is going to be ok again but it still seems strange to close facebook pages, twitter etc. but let’s see what happens.

In the meantime the unofficial time4popcorn version still works.

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