Popcorn Time for Android beta 2.5

Popcorn Time beta 2.5 for Android has just been released on and although welcomed (updates usually are) it doesn’t bring any big changes to the Android version of the popular bittorrent client. You can see all the changes, additions ad fixes in the changelog below and the only thing that’s kind of exciting for users is the update of the video player.

The VLC code has been upgraded to LibVLC 1.5.0 which is the latest stable build for VLC for Android. It supposedly improves video playback making it smoother and less prone to crashes.

The beta 2.5 update also fixes a few crashes but most of the improvements and additions are minor and probably won’t be noticed unless you know they’re there.

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Popcorn Time for Android beta 2.5 changelog

Change primary color from blue to indigo
Update VLC video player code to LibVLC 1.5.0
Added option to see full torrent stats for movies
Added 480p option to default qualities
Added visibility of progress in notification when in background
Added stop action to close in notification when in background
Fixed movie description view size
Fixed English not being in the language selector
Fixed crash when opening .torrent or magnet
Fixed casting when opening from .torrent or magnet
Fixed relaunch of external player
Fixed background initialisation of torrent
Fixed video reload option
Fixed updating progress bar on resume
Fixed screen not going off when playback ended

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