Popcorn Time Community Edition

It’s been over a month since the official Popcorn Time website and service (sort of) voluntarily shut itself down due to an impending lawsuit brought on by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). While one of the developers behind the software has announced he’s determined on bringing it back to life popcorntime.io remains dead and nobody truly knows if the resurrection will ever become a reality. Some of the departed team members have announced the birth of a fork going in a slightly different direction; the Butter Project, but this too is so far nothing but a promise.

The Popcorn Time Community Edition (Popcorn Time CE) has brought the official Popcorn Time service back to life.

The Popcorn Time Community Edition (Popcorn Time CE) has brought the official Popcorn Time service back to life.

In the meantime, the Popcorn Time community has been scrambling to keep using the service and have come up with a couple of pretty neat tricks and tweaks that enable users to still watch movies and TV shows with the Popcorn Time software. Furthermore, since Popcorn Time was developed as open source, fans have managed to salvage the source code enabling them to recreate an exact copy of the software. Adding the workarounds they’ve ultimately created a new fork: Popcorn Time Community Edition or Popcorn Time CE.

Popcorn Time CE looks just like the original and works in the same way by “streaming” video from torrent links. The only difference is that the movie- and TV-show menus are fetched from alternative locations since the original sources were shut down along with the website. Most users won’t notice any difference at all and no tricks or tweaks are needed to use the Popcorn Time Community Edition. It’s just as easy but also just as illegal to use as it was before.

Two versions of Popcorn Time CE exist and they’re both claiming to be the official Community Edition but the truth is that neither is more or less official than the other. None of them seem to contain virus or similar so they should both be safe to try out for size.

Popcorn Time turns out to be hard to kill and similar to the Lernaean Hydra shutting down one fork just sparks the creation of two more.

Popcorn Time CE is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android and can be found at popcorntime.ag.

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