Popcorn Time CE beta 4.0 with Torrents Time V2.0

Just days ago, the time4popcorn team released a plugin called Torrents Time capable of streaming torrents directly in the browser. They’ve used it on their own browser based Popcorn Time version: Popcorn Time Online and other major torrent portals such as kat.cr and thepiratebay.se have also implemented it instantly turning them in to huge torrent streaming websites.

The Popcorn Time community being the Popcorn Time community, the concept has ruthlessly been mirrored by the popcorntime.ag fork of Popcorn Time CE and they’ve put out their own version which they call Torrents Time V2.0. However, it’s not just a copy of the original Torrents Time v1.0 but slightly different and seemingly also better.

Torrents Time V1.0 versus V2.0

So what’s different and what’s the same? Torrents Time V1.0 (time4popcorn) and V2.0 (popcorntime.ag) both stream torrents directly from the browser (not really in the browser, a video player pops up) so instead of browsing for something to watch in the Popcorn Time app you can just go to a torrents website. The biggest difference is that V1.0 only worked on participating websites that had to add the streaming functionality to their code but V2.0 works on any torrent site. With Torrents Time V2.0 installed you can just click any magnet or torrent link and the player will start right up.

Another major advantage of V2.0 over V1.0 is that it’s open source. In the current state of affairs we appreciate being able to take a closer look at what the developers decide to put in to the installers. The only downside is that it’s only available for Windows and Linux so far but a Mac version is said to be in the works.

Other improvements are a built in virus scanner, VLC support, some under-the-hood stuff and a handful of bugfixes. Just like V1.0 the new version can also be cast to a TV with Chromecast, Apple TV or DLNA and supports subtitles in many languages.

If you want to try it out you can head over to popcorntime.ag/torrents-time.html and check it out.

Torrents time streaming plugin

Turn your browser in to a fully functional torrent streaming client with Torrents Time.

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