Popcorn Time CE YIFY beta 3.9

Not long ago Popcorn Time Community Edition (PTCE) was released and now one of them (there are two PTCE forks…) have put out their own beta. The biggest thing in the update is the addition of Google Cloud Player support adding the possibility to download and play content from Google cloud storage in stead of using torrents which has until now been the only option and the backbone of Popcorn Time.

Google cloud has the advantages of being much faster than the bittorrent network and users don’t share files with each other. Even though the files are stored on servers rather than distributed among the users it is supposedly very difficult to take down content due to redundancy where several copies of the same file are available in the cloud and are automatically duplicated all the time.

Select Google Cloud to try out the new feature.

Select Google Cloud to try out the new feature.

How the connection between Popcorn Time and the cloud is maintained and managed is unknown but judging from a few tests the movies on Google cloud (TV series aren’t available yet) are of very poor quality compared to what’s usually found on Popcorn Time. If this is a temporary issue isn’t clear yet but it’s certain that it’ll have to improve substantially if the developers expect Google Cloud Player to be more than a novelty.

Besides the addition of cloud based downloads the remaining changes consist primarily of cleaning the interface up a bit removing some features but other than that Popcorn Time pretty much looks and works like we’re used to.

Popcorn Time CE beta 3.9 can be found at popcorntime.ag.

PS: If you don’t feel like using the Community Editions you can breathe life back in to the official fork from popcorntime.io.

Popcorn Time CE beta 3.9 changelog


  • Fix the bookmarking cache (favorites work again)
  • IMDB Synopsis API (80 % of movies were not showing synopsis)
  • Set TV/Movie API urls to yify.is/index.php/ (restore to defaults icon in settings)
  • eztv api added
  • Remove option to select randomize feature in settings page
  • Delete randomize function in provider settings
  • Set randomize to false in settings file
  • Remove option to select vpn feature in settings page
  • Set vpn to false in settings file
  • Remove sort by trending score option from sorters
  • Remove sort by popularity option from sorters
  • Hide runtime info if false
  • Hide ‘report an issue’ link (.io git url)
  • Chage default sorting to ‘latest added’ on movies (sort by popularity not working)
  • Seach by multiple keyword
  • Replace ‘No description available’ text with synopsis
  • Change default movie API to yify.is/index.php/
  • Genre array bug fix in endpoint api/v2/list_movies.json
  • Fixed youtube trailer url
  • Sort by year (and last added)
  • Added CE suffix
  • Updated dependencies

New Features:

  • Google Cloud Player (possibly bad quality but very fast speed, no ISP monitor & unlimited download bandwidth)
  • Subtitles for Google Cloud Player
  • Interrupting movie (on Google Cloud Player) and watch again with last view
  • Show Google Cloud icon on list
  • Added an option to disable Coogle Cloud icon in settings
  • Save choosen player (also for Google Cloud Player)
  • Option to change movie API endpoint in settings (forget the YIFY API patcher it’s useless)
  • Get Provider info in movie details (more control over sources)
  • Sort by Last Added & Google Cloud
  • Sort by Views
  • Sort by Downloads
  • Sort by Likes
  • Display crew info with director and cast in movie details
  • New recommended settings (lightweight – less is more)
  • New style for Settings (heading on top) and much better order (overview and visibility)
  • Multiple UI improvment (subtitles floating, overview height, etc.)

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