Popcorn Time beta 2.7.3 and 2.7.4 for Android

In rather short succession two updates for the time4popcorn/popcorn-time.se fork have found their way to the Android app. The Popcorntime.io fork might be the official Popcorn Time service but time4popcorn really give them a run for their money with frequent and significant updates to both apps and desktop software. Furthermore, they’re still the only of the two with an app for iOS.

Popcorn Time for Android Beta 2.7.4

This update is exciting for users that appreciate privacy because a) time4popcorn has ditched Kebrum as their dedicated VPN provider and are now using Anonymous VPN instead. With a paid subscription to their VPN service you can enjoy full privacy extremely easy through the built-in VPN client. But please remember that this doesn’t change that downloading and sharing copyright protected content with Popcorn Time is still illegal. This also applies for the desktop version and iOS app giving you complete anonymity on any device.

The hipster Dude from Anonymous VPN takes your privacy very seriously.

The hipster Dude from Anonymous VPN takes your privacy very seriously.

Anonymous VPN is a serious VPN provider that take your privacy very seriously. It’s an off-shore company based in the Seychelles far away and out of reach from curious government agencies. They have a strict no-logging policy which means that in the unlikely event of seizure there’ll be no evidence of what you’ve used their service for. They have a relatively small network with servers in the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Romania, Ukraine and the US.

An Anonymous VPN subscription can be had for $5.75 per month ($69 for a year), $12 for a single month and $2 for a three day trial.

NB: This VPN service only works with software from time4popcorn/popcorn-time.se so if you’re using the version from popcorntime.io you should instead consider a subscription from VPN.ht since this service works with their built-in VPN client. If you want a top of the line VPN that can be used with both forks ExpressVPN is an excellent choice.

The team has announced that it will work with any VPN provider that wan’t to integrate their API. This means that a subscription to any VPN provider willing to do so can be used with the built-in Popcorn Time VPN client.

Apart from an improved VPN service the update also included bug fixes and improvement of the media player.

Popcorn Time for Android Beta 2.7.3

The most interesting part of this update it the added setting to choose where to download files. If you have both internal- and external SD cards this means that you can move to a folder where there’s sufficient space and thus avoid the “not enough space” error.

Beta 2.7.3 also fixed a few bugs, improved the downloader and added content providers.

The time4popcorn Android app is a serious contender – especially with the latest updates – and popcorntime.io definitely shouldn’t rest on their official laurels.

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