Popcorn Time Android app beta 2.6

Time4popcorn has just released a new Popcorn Time version in the form of Android app beta 2.6. The app brings about the following number of additions and improvements:

  • Anime section – Besides movies and TV series, there is now also a section in the app that is dedicated anime genre. For the uninitiated anime is another name for Japanese cartoons.
  • Updated User Interface – The interface now looks slightly different with different colors and the added anime sections. In addition, the boot image also changedwhich has no functional significance
  • Upgraded torrent client – Optimizing down- and uploads.
  • Sorting – It’s now possible to sort the menu content by popularity, date added to Popcorn Time and movie/series age.
  • Bug fixes – Fixed various minor errors.

Read more about Popcorn Time from time4popcorn.

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