Introducing Torrents Time

Yesterday we had the pleasure of telling you about the latest on the Popcorn Time scene: Popcorn Time Online. Unlike the other Popcorn Time forks it’s browser based meaning you don’t have to download a Popcorn Time program to use it but operate it directly on the webpage.

This idead isn’t completely new and several browser based Popcorn Time websites have come and gone but Popcorn Time Online is different and for that reason it’s most likely here to stay.

The difference lies in the “engine” behind it all: Torrents Time. If you try watching something on the Popcorn Time Online website you’ll be asked to install it and there’s no way around it. It’s a plugin/extension that turns your browser in to a fully functional BitTorrent client and it’s going to revolutionize the Popcorn Time scene.

Torrents Time thepiratebay

You can now stream videos directly from with Torrents Time!

The people who built Torrents Time and Popcorn Time Online are the same that have given us the Time4popcorn fork and what they’ve made is a powerful plugin that can turn any website in to a torrent streaming portal in a matter of minutes. The software was released yesterday and one of the biggest torrent sites,, has already implemented it instantly making it the largest torrent streaming website in the World.

And they’re not alone,, and (naughty stuff) have also adapted their websites to use Torrents Time and it’s been announced that Kickass Torrents, the World’s largest will follow suit in a matter of days.

Developed by the Time4popcorn team, Torrents Time comes with the same functions as their desktop version of Popcorn Time: Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA support, and a native VPN client that can be activated with a subscription to Anonymous VPN.

Torrents Time, and thus Popcorn Time Online, supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows 7 and up as well as OS X 10.8 and up. The developers inform that Safari support is currently being tested and should arrive in a few weeks. Microsoft Edge is currently not supported but may be in the future.


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