How to still use Popcorn Time part 2

A while back we did a piece on how you could still use Popcorn Time even though and the affiliated services are down. Since then a fair amount of water has run under the bridge and it’s time to bring and updated guide to the entertainment craving Popcorn Time users out there. So here it is; the latest on how you can still enjoy Popcorn Time:

Revive the official Popcorn Time with is an excellent and 100% anonymous VPN provider founded by some of the very same people that brought you the official Popcorn Time version. They’ve been so kind as to “rig” the VPN service in such a way that it can revive your Popcorn Time installation (the official from by rerouting a broken connection within the software.

Revive the official Popcorn Time with

Revive the official Popcorn Time with

It’s as simple as connecting to any server in their VPN service and firing up Popcorn Time. Shortly after you’ll get a notification that a hotfix has been applied and your Popcorn Time should now be back to normal.

This method requires an installation of the official Popcorn Time version and a subscription to If you don’t have Popcorn Time installed you can dig up the necessary files here.

Use the unofficial Popcorn Time clone Time4Popcorn

Before the creator of Popcorn Time endorsed as the official Popcorn Time version it was a neck-to-neck race between them and the Time4Popcorn group for the title. Time4Popcorn has for some reason gotten a bad rep in the Popcorn Time community and have been accused of copying other developers and slipping malware into their installers.

It’s a shame because they have a truly solid product that in many if not all ways is just as good or even better than the rivals. They are, in fact, the only Popcorn Team with a working iOS version for iPad and iPhone and it doesn’t even require jailbreaking.The Time4Popcorn clone also has desktop versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and an app for Android. They also support both Chromecast and AirPlay/Apple TV and can be secured by a built-in VPN provided by Anonymous VPN.

Visit them at

Use Popcorn Time Community Edition

Popcorn Time Community Edition or Popcorn Time CE was created in the vacuum following the shutdown of It began as a series of tweaks, fixes and patches on reddit meant to revive the official Popcorn Time fork and was initially devised for users that already had the software installed. It has since developed in to a version in its own right with binaries (installation files) and also its own website(s).

Popcorn Time CE, however, is basically just a copy of the original but with the aforementioned patched added for convenience.Just as it was (and still is) the case for Popcorn Time in the time following the death of the original version, several players are trying to be the official Popcorn Time Community Edition.

Visit Popcorn Time CE at

As you can see there’s still plenty of ways to use Popcorn Time while we wait for the official service to get back on its feet and/or we get to see what’s going on over at the Butter Project.

Leave a comment or try the Q&A if you have a question.