Beta 3.8 from

Today launched the latest update for their PC version of Popcorn Time which makes it beta 3.8. The update corrects a list of errors as well as introducing new functionality and improving already existing functions.

Beta 3.8 from Movie menu works again and much much more.

Beta 3.8 from Movie menu works again and much much more.

The recent problem with the movie menu that wasn’t working has been fixed but there are MANY other additions and corrections to be happy about. The most important and / or most interesting to users probably are:

  • Movies menu works again
  • More subtitles for movies and TV series
  • Improved torrent code (faster downloads)
  • Popcorn Time remembers settings such as player, volume, position of subtitles, etc.
  • Subtitles works by playback via DLNA
  • Playing own video files on Popcorn Time
  • Ability to use Popcorn Time as the default application for torrents, magnet links and video files in Windows
  • TV series in full HD (1080p)
  • Sorting films and series for “trending” that shows content that is on its way to becoming popular (a good way to find the latest big releases)
  • Translated descriptions of films and series, if a language other than English is selected in settings

Ability to freely search in torrents on KickassTorrents and Strike. This well hidden feature is opened by clicking on the little folder icon on the top right.

The list goes on below where you can see all the updates in beta 3.8. The program will automatically ask to be updated to the new version if it is already installed on your PC. Is not it or something goes wrong with the update, you can find a link to download here:

More about

Full list of changes in beta 3.8

Bug Fixes:

  • Full Screen remains full during playback
  • Multi-screen support
  • Windows 8.1: app no longer hidden behind taskbar
  • “&” in titles now properly handled
  • Local subtitles should now always load properly
  • UI fixes
  • More descriptive error messages and logs
  • Repaired “Open the app in last open tab”
  • Mac OS: fix inverted mouse wheel
  • Mac OS: Menu support
  • Solving some issues with keyboard navigation
  • Ability to hide message about pending updates
  • Fixed problem when using an external hard drive
  • Improvements in the coding of subtitles
  • Fix the autoplay
  • is back!
  • Torrenting improved (For more peers and seeds)
  • Remote Control (httpapi) fixes
  • “Jump to” fixed
  • More subtitles for TV series
  • Download the status of the player now works for single file taken out of multi file torrents
  • Photos position in film & TV series details
  • Anime: Fixes an issue where the series got no episodes and movies no links
  • Most external torrents should be matched with subtitles now
  • Arab fonts (Aljazeera & amp; Khalid kind) can now be used to correctly display Arabic subtitles
  • Solved most problems with remote controls.
  • Unlock the position of the Popcorn Time player when trailers are played 

New features:

  • Node Webkit 12.1 (now known as nw.js)
  • Cancel “Play Next Episode”
  • Select subtitles font and / or add a solid background for them.
  • New subtitles to: Norwegian, Vietnamese
  • Report errors and issues in the application itself (open ‘About’ page)
  • Mark as seen / unseen during movie details
  • No more advertisements from Youtube
  • Stream subtitles with DLNA / UPnP
  • Search on Strike or KickassTorrents (torrent portals) and save torrents for later
  • Allow SSA / ASS subtitles, along with TXT (mostly Chinese and Polish)
  • The program will now remember the last selected quality, player, the subtitle position, volume
  • Select an entire TV series as seen
  • Select the folder where the application is installed
  • Play local video files in PT Player (mp4, avi, mov, mkv)
  • Windows: Allows you to use PT as the standard for torrents / magnet / video files
  • Support for multimedia keys
  • Launch external players in full screen
  • Minimize to tray
  • Translated synopsis (summary) to the TV series and movie
  • Calculation of P2P ratio of total traffic in Popcorn Time
  • FakeSkan (bitsnoop) will now warn you if an external torrent has been marked as “false”
  • “Random” button makes it possible to open a random movie
  • Start Popcorn Time minimized with “-m” flag
  • 1080p TV series
  • “Big Picture Mode” will allow you to read Popcorn Time texts from the couch
  • TVShow Time integration
  • Display a warning if the hard disk is almost full
  • Sort by “Trending” for films and television series
  • Correct display of sizes for your operating system and language (ex: 32.5MiB in Linux English, 32.5Mo on Windows Spanish, 34.1MB of OSX English)

Leave a comment or try the Q&A if you have a question.