Android beta 2.7 from time4popcorn

It’s only been a few days since the Popcorn Time Android app from was updated to beta 2.0 and now it’s time4popcorn’s turn to do the same. The update brings this version of the app in to beta 2.7 and brings with it a few probably not so noticeable improvements with it:

  1.  The built in media player has recently given Lollipop users problems due to 64 bit compatibility issues but this has been fixed with an update of said media player to a newer version.
  2. The new media player allows subtitles to be displayed left to right which comes in handy for showing Hebrew and Arabic subs.
  3. Under the hood stuff has been changed to improve playback. It’s not something you can see but you should (hopefully) be able to feel it.
  4. The auto-updater is working again meaning future updates to the app will automatically appear on your device.
  5. A bunch of bugs reported by users to crash the app have been fixed which in turn should end up in a more robust app

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