Guides for some of the several neat features that will help you get the most out of what Popcorn Time has to offer.

Manually searching for torrents

Did you know you can watch a ton of videos that aren’t in the menus? All you need to get access to non-English content, 4k (2160p) movies and more is to do a manual search.

Learn more about searching for torrents in Popcorn Time

Watch Popcorn Time on your flatscreen or Smart TV

It’s ok to watch movies and TV episodes on you computer, smartphone or tablet screen but they belong on the big screen. With the built in features for casting to DLNA compatible Smart TVs, Chromecast and Apple TV, watching Popcorn Time wirelessly on your flatscreen is as easy as pie.

Learn more about casting with Chromecast and Apple TV with AirPlay

Using Popcorn Time anonymously with a VPN

Popcorn Time can be used to watch copyright protected content without the permission of the copyright holders which is illegal and might result in a fine or something worse. Consequently, a lot of users are interested in using Popcorn Time anonymously and a VPN can help with just that.

Learn more about using Popcorn Time with a VPN

Installing Popcorn Time

If you’re using a Windows PC installing Popcorn Time is a matter of downloading and running the installer but for other platforms it’s less straightforward.

Learn more about installing Popcorn Time for Mac OS X, iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android and Android TV